We streamline the acquisition process for you.

At JET AMG we pride ourselves on being able to help you with every aspect of an aircraft acquisition. We personally handle all of the major components of an acquisition transaction for you, coordinating with the many vendors as your point person, making it easy and efficient, and giving you the peace of mind that all the bases are covered.


We understand that the convenience of traveling on your own schedule is as important to you as knowing your costs are in line. With that in mind, we can provide you an analysis of your planned mission profile and make recommendations for which aircraft are suitable taking into account all the necessary parameters.


JET AMG is independent of any specific manufacturer or maintenance company. This independence allows us to survey the entire market and find the aircraft that meet your needs, with no hidden agenda, only what is best for you. Expert experience and support from JET AMG's management team streamlines the research and acquisition of any size jet, enabling a cost and time efficient project.


We also work to ensure your aircraft will maintain compliance with regulatory standards and guidelines. As a valued client of JET AMG, you can feel confident that we will always be here for you. In addition to managing the acquisition process, we can then seamlessly bring your aircraft and flight department to operational readiness and provide post acquisition oversight. Our after sale service is second to none.


Our goal is to get you the finest aircraft at the best value. We look at all options, make no compromises, and treat your money as if it were our own. With JET AMG, you will make an informed decision which leads to a pleasant aviation experience. JET AMG is the smart choice.