About Us

We provide you with world-class customer service.

JET AMG's world-class customer service reaches beyond locating a jet for acquisition, to an unprecedented commitment to providing optimal solutions to your current and future needs. We were founded with the mission to be the premier representative for the acquisition of private jets. We have answers and solutions to all of your corporate aviation questions and needs.


Our team will take you from start to finish and help you make the decisions that ultimately result in acquiring the right aircraft for you. We work as your representative, coordinating everything from aircraft selection, inspections, legal, tax, insurance, finance, FAA, flight operations, management selection, and more. We specialize in later model private business jets and turboprop aircraft.


As a leading aviation service company to corporations and private individuals, we are your solution for comprehensive consulting, acquisition and sale of your aircraft. We handle all the work, and make your aircraft purchase experience a pleasant, easy and efficient one.


If you are considering purchasing or selling an aircraft, or are evaluating how having your own corporate jet might benefit you, we are the company to call for honest answers. With the complexities and the tremendous amount of information and knowledge required to achieve a successful transaction, it just makes sense to use JET AMG. In most cases you will spend less to use JET AMG than handling the transaction on your own. We have an excellent client referral base to substantiate our claims. 


Give us a call today to learn the many ways that we can help you.


JET AMG Services™, and San Diego Jet™ are affiliates of JET AMG® .